Passenger Attempts to Open Plane Door During Flight

Cheap airplane tickets and cheap discount hotel rooms lost some of their luster for passengers on a United flight from Washington D.C. to Las Vegas, when a man attempted on Saturday, 1/23, to open the airplanes exterior door while the flight was in the air. The plane, with more than 100 people onboard, was diverted to the Denver International Airport.

The FBI reported that a passenger had tried opening one of the front doors of the airplane and may have attempted to open the cockpit door before being restrained by other passengers. The man was described as really out of it by one of the other passengers who grabbed him.

The man was taken into custody, questioned and then released for a medical evaluation.

No details as to the mans name were released, though his last known address was in New York. Passengers said after the plane had landed that the man claimed he was from California and had gotten on the wrong flight.

Authorities said that they will make a decision concerning charges after reviewing exactly what happened. Investigators determined that this was not a terrorism attempt.

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