Cheapest Time to Reserve a Flight

Cheapest Time to Reserve a Flight Most people know that in order to plan cheap travel plans you need to buy cheap airplane tickets, find discount hotel rooms and reserve cheap auto rentals, but the timing of when to make airline reservations is often questionable. Travelers often feel as if their fates are in the hands of the airlines. Flight prices, what is included with your ticket, what is considered an add-on, and even whether you can bring a carry-on, often vary by airline. A Qtrip Airfare Study was completed recently that analyzed over 917 million airfares in 8,000 markets to provide travelers insight as to when is the best time to purchase tickets so that they can more informed travel choices. Based on data collected in 2019, Qtrip determined that the average best day to purchase airline tickets is 77 days in advance of travel dates for travel within the U.S. Qtrip selected a range of dates to purchase tickets and came up with what they call six “airfare booking zones:” First Dibs is when tickets are purchased 314 to 202 days in advance and are when travelers will find the most options including choice of seats, specific flight times and classes of service. Booking then will result in you spending an average of $50 more than if you wait to buy in the “Prime Booking Window.” For those wanting “all the choices” this is worth the additional expense. Peace of Mind reservations are made 201 to 128 days in advance and appeal to travelers who want a balance between choice and value. Booking that far in advance saves an average of $30 compared to First Dibs. Prime Booking Window reservations are made 127 to 21 days in advance and appeal to travelers that most highly value finding the cheapest prices. Push Your Luck reservations are made 20 to 14 days in advance. Here things can get risks because the odds are that prices will increase, and choices will be limited. This time range is best left to gamblers since sometimes a great deal can be found, but your options will be uncertain at best. Playing with Fire reservations are made 13 to 7 days in advance often results in more expensive tickets and usually much less choice. Hail Mary reservations are made 6 to 0 days in advance are usually made out of necessity due to a family emergency or an unexpected trip. You will usually pay $200 more than you would if you shopped in the Prime Booking Window.
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