As important as reviewing your cheap travel options, such as cheap airplane tickets, discount hotel rooms, and cheap vacation packages are when planning a trip making certain that you travel with smartphone essentials will protect and improve how you use your phone while traveling so you never lose it, break it, or run out of battery life again. Smartphones have become an ultimate travel essential used for research, map guidance, communication, social sharing, order a ride and to take pictures and videos. On average cell phone users are on their phones for an average of a little over three hours a day. According to a Twitter poll, cell phone users would rather travel without a toothbrush or change of clothes vs. being without their phones. The following travel cell phone essentials are recommended by Ashley Rossi: • A phone lanyard not only helps protect a phone from theft or accidental drops but also keeps phones handy so that you will never miss an ideal photo opp. This is particularly useful on active or adventure trips. • A phone case that comes with an internal battery is a must have if you do not want to run out of power during the day or worry about extra items to carry around. Mophie offers a line of battery phone cases for many different phone styles and sizes. Their “Juice Pack Air” is ideal because it is lightweight and not bulky. If you prefer traveling with a portable charger that is not a case, you should check out “Ventev Powercell” or any of the many tiny size portable chargers offered by Amazon. • A scratch resistant, tempered glass screen protector is another must have if you want to minimize the chances of your cell phone’s screen shattering. “InvisibleShield” offers a lifetime limited warranty. • A phone grip or stand helps steady a traveler’s hand when taking pictures or videos on vacation. While there are many options to choose from (including PopSocket, LoveHandle, and LoppyCase), you should definitely check out CLCKR’s phone stand and grip. If you are turned off by the idea of attaching an adhesive grip to your phone case, but want to shoot steady pictures and videos, look into traveling with the LINKCOOL smartphone tripod. • Buy an inexpensive phone storage plan so you do not have to waste time deleting photos to make room for your new pictures.