About Us

Cheapfares.com is a travel Internet company that offers a vast selection of really cheap travel products. We provide our customers with powerful, but easy to use tools via our web site that allow them to find great values. Cheapfares.com was founded in 2000. We have sold hundreds of thousands of airline tickets and tens of thousands of vacation packages, as well as individual hotel and car reservations. Millions of customers visit our site annually.

Cheapfares.com offers over 65 million airfares from over 400 airlines. Customers can book reservations on our site to over 60,000 hotels and 50 car rental companies worldwide. We also offer specially priced vacation packages to thousands of the world’s most popular destinations.

Too many times when travel customers email their Internet travel company they receive either a canned reply that is not responsive to their question(s) or a response that takes days to arrive. Concerned Cheapfares.com employees respond directly to customer emails. When needed, customers can call and speak directly to one of our customer service representatives. Our customer service is one of the key reasons Cheapfares.com customers keep coming back to purchase again and again.

Cheapfares.com is the best place to book your travel because we offer:

  • Really cheap fares for airline tickets, vacation packages, hotel, or car reservations.
  • Superior selection of vacation packages offered at prices that cannot be found by purchasing the same air and hotel reservations separately. Unlike many of our competitors, we give our customers the ability to either choose from already prepared vacation packages or to customize their own vacation packages.
  • A web site that makes viewing and purchasing cheap travel options easy.
  • Customer service that is timely and responsive.
  • Deeply discounted (up to 70% off) First and Business Class tickets.

Cheapfares.com’s mission is to provide such a wide selection of cheap travel options, with superior customer service, that today’s customers continue to look to Cheapfares.com to meet their future travel needs.